Our Story

We are sisters Sharon Nicol Long & Ronda Nicol Hermick, and together, our goal is to produce a feel-good product that makes people smile. Our mother, Yvonne, made homemade fudge when we were growing up. She quickly developed a reputation for making the best fudge around. She worked part-time at a local delicatessen, and people would come in just to see her and request their favorite flavors. Our father, Ron, affectionately nicknamed her "Edith," after the character Edith Bunker from the 70s sitcom "All in the Family." Through the years, that nickname was shortened to "Ede." Then, because she was the greatest fudge maker around, she became "Sweet Ede." As a tribute to our mom, we've created Sweet Ede's Fudge, and we are carrying on the tradition of those delicious sweets she was so loved for. Mom is still our number-one taste tester and each batch  that passes through her kitchen must get the Sweet Ede's seal of approval.

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